5 Best Book Catalog Software

Those who love reading their books on their computers or tablets will find it necessary to have a way of organizing their online book library. This is very essential, especially if you don’t wish to have to look endlessly for the book, or if you wish not to start thinking whether a particular book is in your library or not. Using a book catalog software will help ease these two stresses and make your life much easier. This article discusses five of the best book catalog organizing software available which you may like to consider using.


book catalog software

  1. Libib

This on-line web and app software does more than just let you organize your books; it also helps in organizing your movies and music as well. You can organize books using tags, makes notes on which books, movies or music you’ve borrowed as well as measure how much of a book you’ve read. It caters for both individual as well as small organizations, allowing them to review the items in their library and publish these reviews to the public.

  1. Delicious Library

A product of delicious monster, delicious library allows users to manage their physical books, video games, CD, and movies. Users can thus manually enter their media items, input their media’s ISBN or UPC codes, import their media from other applications, as well as scan bar codes using tools that are in-built in the application. Users can also customize their bookshelf, creating their own bookshelves which they can store their book collections in.

  1. Book Crawler

This great application is very useful for those who wish to access their book libraries form their phones as well as their desktop. It is available on iPod touch, iPhone, iPad, and Mac desktop. It allows you to not only manually input your book collection, but also allows for bar-code and ISBN scanning. The best part of this application is that it can generate information on a particular book, such as its author, title and good reads reviews.

  1. Good Reads

Another great book catalog software. For those who love finding out what other people are reading, this app is just what you will need. You can be the creator of your own virtual library of the list of books you have already read, as well as browse through what other people are reading or have read to get a clue on what to read next. You can thus search for books, take part in quizzes, read famous quotes from different authors as well as vote for your favorite books for the Good Reads award.

  1. Home Library

This Mac OS X application helps users to maintain their records of not just books, but also DVDs and CDs. It also has in-built iSight camera that helps users quickly scan the bar-codes of their media items and thus add them to the library.

In conclusion, for you to select a great book cataloging software, you will need to check that the features are sufficient for your needs as well as that the application software is available in your platform of choice; be it an Apple or Android platform.

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