The best 5 catalogue design software

Catalogue Design Software

Designing a great catalogue that will not only impress potential buyers but also lead them to want to know more about the products as well as buy them is important for any business that wishes to thrive. Designing itself is not easy, and it requires a lot of creativity on part of the designer. So what if you are not a great designer? Thanks to the availability of catalogue design software and a little digging on the rules of great design, you can make great content for your catalogue that will drive views as well as sales to your website. Here are 5 of the best catalog creator for design you can try to use.

catalogue design software


GIMP has been around for the past 20 years. The company offers software that is used in the manipulation of images. It features painting tools, cloning, color correction, enhancement and selection. It is pretty much like Photoshop, so should you be migrating from Photoshop, you will easily adapt to using GIMP.

2. Daz Studio

This is a 3D optimization tool that helps you customize your 3D presentations. You can thus create virtual people, vehicles, props and animals using this tool. For businesses that are looking to use 3D to explain some complex use of their products, this tool will definitely prove to be handy, given the flexible nature of 3D objects.

3. Adobe Illustrator

This list wont be complete without Adobe Illustrator. This tool is great for creating vector art that is very useful for your icons, logos, sketches as well as topographical images. The good thing is that these can be used not just on your website, but can also be printed and be used to make videos and other multimedia. There’s a plethora of catalogue design you can create using Adobe Illustrator.

4. SmartDraw

SmartDraw has been touted as the best alternative to Visio in terms of ease of use. Users will thus find thousands of templates to use as well as drawing tools that support even the most complex of drawings. Users will also find many examples to use in the production of their own designs should they be stumped by how to draw something that they have in mind.

5. Inkscape

This great catalogue software is free of charge. Users can make drawings as well as use the available features that can be integrated with Scalable Vector Graphics. Features such as Alpha blending, markers and cloned objects are available which cannot be found in other similar applications. This makes it possible for users to achieve extremely sophisticated works of art using this great design tool.

These are five of the best catalogue design software you can use to create great content for your catalog that users will love going through. As mentioned earlier, it will also be very helpful for you to go through a few basics of great design principles as well as browse through some of the outstandingly designed catalogs for you to get a clue of how to do a great job for your own catalogue.

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