5 Free Catalogue Software Of 2016

Cataloging is important when you have a vast library of items and you need to organize them in a way that makes it easy for you to trace whatever you want from your item list. Having a book shelf makes it easier for you to easily trace your books by arranging them alphabetically, either by book name or author name, but when it comes to digital items, how do you do that? Catalogue software is the answer.

A catalogue design software is a software application that helps you organize your files, data as well as databases. The catalogue will thus have information on where a particular file or data set is located as well as which device hosts the file or data.

catalogue software

Some of the free catalog software that you may find very useful are discussed below.

  1. Data Crow

This software application offers organization tools for most of your media files. You can store as well as retrieve your media, such as books, pictures, movies and games all in this one product. The application also allows you to run your own server, thus making it possible for you to manage who can view your catalogue items. It also allows you to customize, or personalize your own catalogue to suit your needs.

  1. SoftCAT Free

SoftCAT Free is another great catalog software from FNPRG. The software is in two version, the free version and the paid for version. The free version offers catalogue tools mainly for databases. You can thus add your personal notes as well as have comprehensive and custom made data fields. It also has in-built tools to help you search, replace, sort and create reports.

  1. inFlow Inventory

inFlow Inventory offers a free cataloging software version that helps in the organizing of a business’s inventory. A host of many necessary business administration needs can be carried out here, including tracking of stock, organizing products by location and category, calculating tax, prices, currencies as well as management of invoices, packing slips and more. Best suited for small businesses.

  1. Zotero

Zotero is a powerful tool that helps you organize your research work. It has an in-built sensor that senses the research material in your web browser and then lets you add it to your library with just one click. With this free version you can store anything you have researched on, including web page snapshots, images, PDFs and video and audio files. It also indexes all your collections, making it easier for you to search for whatever you may need.

  1. LibreOffice Base

Another great tool for managing your databases, LibreOffice Base allows you to connect to almost any of the available database engines, such as MySQL, Adabas D, Maria DB among others. Apart from allowing you to store your database, it also allows you to create a database right inside the application.

To wrap it all up, in choosing a free catalogue to use for organizing your files, it is best to first look at the features of the application as well as what it allows you to do with your files. Some may be desktop applications only, thus limiting you to your computer. Others are also cross-platform applications, meaning that you can use them not just in Windows, but also in Mac Books as well as Chrome devices.

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