Top 7 Online Catalog Creator For Curators

Curation is a profession that has existed for a long time now. In the beginning, the profession was limited to museums and art galleries, where curators were tasked with the collection of information as well as pieces  pertaining to the specific topics they were in. Today, we have curators in media who gather information through online catalog creator that is relevant to the specific field they wish to have audiences in. For instance, a music DJ curates favorite songs to play. In business, curator are essential when it comes to marketing their products.

With the advent of the Internet, businesses now have a platform through which they can reach millions of people world wide. This thus calls for businesses to select their content very carefully, since poor content will only lead to very few, if any of their products getting views. Since gathering just what may appeal their chosen market may be tough, there are tools available to help curators gather relevant content for marketing the business’s products, which are discussed below.

  1. Pocket

This online catalog maker is a useful tool that acts on a save and view later basis. You may be going through pictures, articles or any other media that may be related to your product. With pocket,m you can save these and view them later for further analysis. The best part of using pocket is that once you save your media, it available on phone, your computer as well as tablet.

online catalog creator

  1. Curata

Curata is a great tool especially for marketers who wish to grow their leads and make revenue from these. The software Curation tool helps marketers not just to collect content on-line, but also to analyze, annotate, organize and  publish content, from anywhere on the web. It also features an in-built intelligent software that “learns” and then suggests to you the best content to use for your marketing.

  1. It is another great Curation tool that is different from the others. It features the use of a “trap” that once set, will continuously deliver the trapped topics of interest. A great tool for those who wish to have fresh content delivered to them 24/7.

  1. Feedly

This great Curation tool is highly effective for those who wish to receive content from their trusted publications, alerts, you tube channels, web blogs, as well as content from private businesses. The tools allows the marketers to search, read and share their content in most social media platforms as well as helps them organize the content and save them for later use.

  1. Kuratur

A word press plug in, Kuratur lets you post fresh content onto your blog or website. With this tool, you can publish your magazine on the web using the available content from social media sites.

  1. Storify

Story telling on social media is made easier using Storify. Once you create an account, you have the freedom to have visual storyboards from which you can curate content, or from which others can curate content. It is thus more of a visual sharing board, where you can get great visual content for your marketing campaign.

  1. ContentGems

This on-line Curation tool is very popular among many a professional marketers. You can get over 200,000 news feed content from reliable news sources as well as get content from social media accounts and blogs. You will thus have rich content to publish on your marketing campaign.


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