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Finding just the right online catalog software for your business can be one tedious task. There are many applications available, which boast features that  cater for different needs of both individuals and businesses. While looking at these catalogs you find that they are created using online catalogue design software. Some cover more than just the desktop, working even when you are off-line once you download the app, for instance. Since different businesses and individuals will have different needs, some will prefer to use the online catalogue maker.

online catalog software

Here are six of the most used online catalog creator today.

  1. Web Publication

This Australian based application offers great features that help businesses publish their content on-line through flip books. Users can thus use their cloud based software to upload PDF documents on the web, have the software embed some rich multimedia contents such as high resolution images and videos, animations, sound and more in the user’s publications as well as have the content available across multiple platforms like the PC, Android devices as well as the iPad and iPhone.

  1. HTML5 Digital Catalog Software

This great software allows users to take their physical PDF documents and covert them to interactive on-line content that visitors to their websites can view. It thus features an in-built converter that converts these documents to suitable web documents. Users can also embed the PDF documents with other multimedia files such as video and sound clips. It also features in-built templates to make the work easier for users to design unique catalogs for their websites.

  1. Peperri’s E-Catalog Software

Another stunning on-line catalogue software to use, Peperri’s E-Catalog software features high definition capabilities for uploaded images, multiple view options such as thumbnails, flip books and filmstrips as well as use of multimedia files to bring life to images and text documents. It also features a B2C cart that allows customers to easily place orders while visiting the site on-line.

  1. Publitas

This on-line based software application helps users publish their content on-line using brochures, catalogs and magazines, all on-line. Users can thus embed their PDFs on websites through use of a converter, embed their PDFs on Facebook by adding tabs to their Facebook pages as well as create links to their PDF documents for use in newsletters. This tool is thus a perfect converter that converts your PDF documents to web publications that easily be used on-line.

  1. 3D Issue’s Digital Catalog Software

This product is amazing in that it converts most of your static documents to suitable web based documents that can be accessed by millions of people across multiple platforms. Just like the previous mentioned  software, users can embed their documents with a host of other multimedia files. The catalogs can be outputted in both Flash and HTML5, thus making it available in boith new and old browsers.

  1. Page Turn Pro

Page turn pro offers a great tool for your e-catalog needs. It is very simple to use; you simply upload your content, customize it to your market’s needs and then distribute it to the pages that you have in your library. Users have access to over 100,000 publications as well as can reach millions of people, given that 3 million people use the app monthly.


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